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Third Grade

Lisa_Bagby Card IconLisa Bagby

Ms. Bagby and her family
I am currently teaching third graders at Pioneer Elementary.  I have been teaching for the past 19 years in this district. I love teaching, and one of my greatest joys is seeing my students succeed and watching them develop a love of learning.
I have been married for 17 years and I have a eight-year-old son, Garrett. My husband is a 7th grade teacher at Pioneer also. He teaches math and science. I have three nephews, Dominic, Dylan, and Leo and a niece, Norah. My mom and brother live in Mississippi and my stepmother lives in Virginia. At home, we have a tabby kitty named Stinky and a boxer/bull mastiff named Scooterpie.
I grew up in Richmond, Virginia. I went to Virginia Commonwealth University and I have a bachelor’s degree in psychology. I moved to San Diego and got my teaching credential from San Marcos State University. After meeting my future husband, we moved to the Sacramento area and I worked to get my Special Education Credential. I taught special education for four years. 
My family loves to spend time in Tahoe riding bikes, playing in the snow, going for walks, and reading. We also love to travel whenever we can.  We have a travel trailer and like to go camping in the summer.  In addition, I enjoy hanging out with my girlfriends, taking Scooterpie for walks, hanging out at a pool in the summer, watching movies, and eating out. My favorite color is blue and my favorite number is eight. I like sushi from Mikuni’s and the French toast that they serve at the Tower Café. 
I love working at Pioneer school. We get to teach kindness, growth mindset, and art in addition to core subjects. It is my job to teach kids how to be better people and to believe in themselves. I think I have the best job there is. I sometimes feel like pinching myself because I cannot believe how lucky I am.

Michael_Bates Card IconMichael Bates

I would like to share with you a little about why I love teaching. I enjoy teaching to the point that I rarely think of it as a job. I have been teaching in one capacity or another for over twenty years. For eight winters in Winter Park Colorado I taught physically and mentally disabled children to snow ski and enjoy nature. I spent five years with United Cerebral Palsy, and three years with Sacramento Vocational Services teaching work and life skills to physically and mentally disabled young adults.Teaching disabled children and adults proved to be extremely difficult at times but the joys far out weighted the challenges. Several of the many lessons I learned working with the disabled is, first off we all can learn most when we endeavor to persevere and the best lesson I was taught is that there is a great amount of joy in our life long journey of learning if you can learn from your's and others mistakes. 

A huge learning experience for me was living and teaching in a foreign country. I spent three years teaching a business program to collage students in Main Land China. Living in a non-English speaking country taught me the challenges our English Learning students face here. However my greatest joy has been the eleven years teaching elementary students here in Twin Rivers. 

I have the highest expectations for all my students, and I will work hard to see that each one has opportunities to reach their highest potential. My goal is to help build life long learners and great problem solvers.


Stephanie_Dvorak Card IconStephanie Dvorak

Mrs. Dvorak and a Pioneer paw!
I am Mrs. Dvorak and I have taught at Pioneer for 30 years. My husband and I have been married 32 years and have two daughters, one son, two son-in-law's and two grandchildren.  We also have a happy dog and a cat that always seems annoyed.
I text my student's families almost every week with photos of activities we are doing in class.  I have started videotaping students teaching SWUN math lessons to the class.
I look forward to another amazing year!