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Principal KJ Rhoads and Vice Principal Isabel Acosta on the first day of school
Dr. Rhoads and Ms. Acosta on Tie Dye Day

Principal_KJ_Rhoads Card IconPrincipal KJ Rhoads

Welcome to Pioneer! I am humbled to be the principal of this fantastic learning community.

I have to say that first of all, I am a Mom. I have two wonderful children and everything I do at school I think about from a parent perspective. My husband and I live on a small farm where we enjoy our farm animals, sports and gardening with our kids.  My favorite get away place is my barn with my two horses and farm dogs!

I am also an “outside the box” leader. You will often find me in my jeans and tennis shoes. This is intentional! I spend most of my time with kids and teachers. You can often find me picking up trash with students, hanging out on the yard or in the cafeteria or walking through classrooms.

Here at Pioneer we embrace the growth mindset philosophy and believe that ALL people here on campus are capable of growing and learning. We use a Love and Logic approach when challenges arise and I believe EVERYONE on campus has a responsibility to learn how to solve issues peacefully. Our students and staff are empowered to make decisions and leadership lies within all of us. I am merely a facilitator.

Thank you for visiting our website and we hope you find Pioneer to be a safe, FUN and great place to grow!

Kj Rhoads, Ed.D.

Pioneer School Principal


Farewell_Pioneer Card IconFarewell Pioneer

Vice_Principal_Isabel_Acosta Card IconVice Principal Isabel Acosta

The Acosta family going for a walk
The Acosta family at a SF Giants game
The Acosta Family taking fall pictures

I feel extremely blessed to be the Vice Principal at Pioneer! I am honored to work alongside an amazing staff and principal who work hard to provide your child with the best educational experience every single day.  At Pioneer, we value our relationships with parents, families and community members, please stop by and get to know us.

I am privileged to have an amazing family. I am the mom of two wonderful boys and have an amazing husband. We love swimming, playing and watching sports, camping on the beach, going to the movies, and hanging out in our backyard playing and making s’mores.


My educational Philosophy is based on these 5 points:

Fostering a Positive Culture and Climate with Staff, Students, parents and the community. 
 Pioneer staff and students need to love coming to work/school every single day. It is important that all staff, students, parents and community members feel valued, respected and heard at Pioneer.
Every student should receive the educational experience he/she needs in order to have academic success. 

“Fair doesn’t mean giving every child the same thing, it means giving every child what they need!” – Rick Lavoie

Social Justice
Teaching students about making positive change in the world by connecting with them, discussing real-world problems and multiple perspectives, creating classroom community, and including authentic assessment.
EL Strategies work for all students class
All students are Learners of Academic English. Using strategies that help students who English is their second language is beneficial to all students.
As an educator, I must love the students I serve. I must love what I do and love the great people that I work with every day. Loving what I do and whom I serve is what keeps me coming back every single day!


I am excited about the upcoming school year and cannot wait to see all of the success and growth that your child will achieve here at Pioneer!