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Library_Procedures Card IconLibrary Procedures

Welcome to the Pioneer Library. Below are the library procedures. Browse around and check back often to see what is happening. Happy reading! 

Open Library

  • Anytime the library is not in use by another class
  • AM & PM recess
    • Note: if not during recess, students should have a pass when visiting the library

How many books are my students checking out?

  • TK and K do not check out at this time – K students may start checking out after Winter Break (depending on the class)
  • Students in grades 1 check out 1 book at a time
  • Students in grades 2-8 can check out up to 2 at a time
    • If students have an overdue/lost book, they may have checkout suspended until fine is paid or book is returned

Can my students take their book home?

      • Talk to your child's teacher. Generally books will be kept in the classroom for grades K & 1st.
      • 2nd grade and older, it depends on the class.

      How long can my students keep their book?

      • Checkout is for 1 week at a time.

      My student wants to keep their book longer?

      • I’m okay with students renewing books as long as no one else has a hold on it.
      • Books must be scanned in person (I need to physically see the book) or it will not be renewed.
      • Once the student has had the book for a month, I will ask them to finish and turn in before checking out more books.

      You  mentioned holds. How does that work?

      • If a student wants a book that is checked out to someone else, they can fill out a hold slip and it will be saved for them when the book is turned in.
      • Once the book is received, the student will receive a notice to pick it up.
      • Hold books must be checked out within 2 weeks or it will be returned to the shelf.

      Are there any extra things the library is doing that I may need to know about?

      • The only thing I’m planning right now is “birthday book”

      How does “birthday books” work out?

      • The week of the student’s birthday, they will be granted an extra book to check out.
        • If checkout is suspended, they may not get a birthday book.
      • For students who celebrate their birthday in the summer, I will celebrate their birthday book on their 6-month birthday.
      • For students who celebrate during a holiday, I will celebrate their birthday book the week they return to school.
      • You decide if the book can go home or must stay in the classroom. I would say it would follow your general policy of library books.

      How do lost notices and things like that work?

      • The week the book is due, I will give the student a reminder if they forget their book.
      • All notices will be given to the teacher or put in their mailbox by Friday. Teachers will then pass out notices to their students.
      • Following that initial week, I will then print 4 notices for the student (that would be weeks 2-5).
        • During this time, if there is an open slot, they can still check out books.
      • Once the student has received 4 notices, checkout will be suspended until the book is returned or paid for.
        • Students will also have the option to “work” for the fine. Students will be told how often they have to work after talking to the library tech. Students will be working during their recess/lunch for the agreed upon days. Once they've completed their work, the fine will be forgiven and checkout resumes.


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