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Special Education

In the special education classroom, we specialize in providing academic and mental health services for all resource students and take out special day students. Students that qualify for resource remain in the regular education program for most of their day. These students attend resource classes for intensive work in specific areas of need (reading, writing or math). These areas of need are determined by classroom observation and assessment results. The resource specialist provides instruction either in small group or individually depending on the specific needs of the student.  

Some of our specialized curriculum include the following:

SIPPS: (Systematic Instruction in Phonemic Awareness, Phonics and Sight Words) is a program that helps struggling readers with decoding words, fluency and comprehension.

Soar to Success is a reading series that increases a student’s vocabulary, comprehension and fluency levels by pairing fiction and nonfiction books that range from below grade-level to on grade level.

Reading Triumphs is a research-based language arts program for students’ kindergarten through 6th grade.

Touch Math: is a multisensory math program that helps make concepts easier and more accessible for students with different learning styles or learning disabilities. Touch Math uses visual, auditory and tactile strategies.