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Third Grade

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I would like to share with you a little about why I love teaching. I enjoy teaching to the point that I rarely think of it as a job. I have been teaching in one capacity or another for over twenty years. For eight winters in Winter Park Colorado I taught physically and mentally disabled children to snow ski and enjoy nature. I spent five years with United Cerebral Palsy, and three years with Sacramento Vocational Services teaching work and life skills to physically and mentally disabled young adults.Teaching disabled children and adults proved to be extremely difficult at times but the joys far out weighted the challenges. Several of the many lessons I learned working with the disabled is, first off we all can learn most when we endeavor to persevere and the best lesson I was taught is that there is a great amount of joy in our life long journey of learning if you can learn from your's and others mistakes. 

A huge learning experience for me was living and teaching in a foreign country. I spent three years teaching a business program to collage students in Main Land China. Living in a non-English speaking country taught me the challenges our English Learning students face here. However my greatest joy has been the eleven years teaching elementary students here in Twin Rivers. 

I have the highest expectations for all my students, and I will work hard to see that each one has opportunities to reach their highest potential. My goal is to help build life long learners and great problem solvers.


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Ms. Nahhas in front of a beautiful canyon
Ms. Nahhas riding around town
Hello, I'm Robin Nahhas.  I have lived in Sacramento for 25 years.  I grew up in Modesto, California.  I went to college at CSU Northridge in Los Angeles.  This will be my 24th year teaching in the Rio Linda and Twin Rivers Unified School District.  I have taught every grade from 2nd to 6th grade.  This will be my 4th year teaching at Pioneer Elementary, and I am so lucky to be working at this wonderful school!

I have been married to my husband, Jay, for almost 11 years. We have 2 sweet dogs named Olive and Rocco.  I adore them, however, they are very naughty, and my students will hear a lot of stories about them throughout the year.

I have a Master's Degree in Curriculum and Instruction with an emphasis in technology.  Every student in my classroom will have their own Chromebook to use this year.  We will be using a lot of technology tools in order to create 21st century learners!

I am truly looking forward to teaching all of my amazing third graders!  I believe that every child can learn and has the right to a safe and caring classroom.  I think this is going to be great year full of fun and learning!

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My name is Mrs. Wihtol. This is my twenty-seventh year at Pioneer Elementary School. I love teaching, and I hope your child will enjoy learning in my classroom. I believe that all children learn in different ways and at different paces. By sharing with me information about your child's personality, study habits, likes and dislikes, we can work together to contribute to his/her acquisition of knowledge and academic skills. I also believe that working together we can help your student move toward being career and college ready by the end of high school. As a mother, and now grandmother of four, I am well aware of your desire to have your child receive the best possible education. I strongly encourage parental involvement at home and in the classroom. Together we can make this a wonderful and successful year. Thank you!