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Title 1 Funds during COVID 19

June 1, 2020
Dear Families:
During this COVID 19 time we have had to have our School Site Council meetings online. This committee oversees our School Plan and our use of Title 1 funds.
We have made adjustments in our 2019 school plan budget to best serve our students and prepare for the upcoming school year. We had money set aside for teacher professional development that we were unable to use so we moved it to software licensing because we anticipate more online learning.
We also have our updated plan for 2020. This plan is similar to last year’s but with a couple exceptions. We have allocated money for software licensing because we know this will be a need in the future. We also have allocated some money in our parent involvement budget to allow for extra duty time for our teachers. They will be working on best practices to engage parents over the next year. Those are the two additions to the plan.
If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me regarding our Title 1 spending, or our School Plan for Student Achievement.
Thank you,
Kj Rhoads