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Pioneer Needs Assessment

This year Pioneer conducted a “needs assessment” with several groups of people (our students in 4th and 6th grade, our staff and community/parent groups). Below is a summary of what we found from their input. This input will drive our school plan and our school budget priorities.

Common Themes from Parents and Community Group:

  1. We would like inviting classrooms
  2. Small class size
  3. EL support so we can communicate with school
  4. Counseling available to students who may need to talk to someone

Common Themes from our Staff

  1. 1:1 technology for K-1 classrooms. Right now we share
  2. More computers and projectors to replace ones that may break throughout year
  3. Playground equipment
  4. Book room supplies and magazine subscriptions for kids
  5. Computer based interventions
  6. Keep our reading intervention teacher

Common Themes from our Students

  1. More computer based intervention programs
  2. Keep our reading teacher
  3. Playground equipment